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The Southwest's Leader In  Security, Providing Both Uniformed and Plain Clothes Officers, for Formal or Casual Events, as well as Office Buildings and Retail Locations. 

Retail Security

World Business Solution Is New Mexico’s Premier Supplier Of Uniformed And Plan Cloths Security Professionals. Whether Your A National Grocery Chain, Or A Start-up Mall Store, WBSI Has The Answer To Your Security Needs.

Event Security

World Business Solution Is Ready to Supply Uniformed and Plan Cloths Security Professionals, To Meet The Needs Of Your Event. Whether Your Event Is A Few Dozen Guests, Or Several Thousand  WBSI Has the Answer To your Security Needs.

About Us

Customized Security Solutions

  World Business Solutions Inc. offers professional security solutions to businesses throughout Albuquerque, NM and much of the country. Our  guards are highly trained and certified in the latest security measures to provide effective apartment security, construction security, school security, business and retail security. With our assistance, you can protect your assets while ensuring the safety of your guests. Our company is young, however we are locally owned and operated; with  professionalism, service and integrity being what we provide to every client. Call us today to learn more, and to have a custom professional, and affordable security plan developed to meet your needs. 

The Winning Edge In Retail Protection

  Our Staff has more than a decade of experience in  running day to day operations of Asset Protection, Loss Prevention, Uniform Guards and Physical Security for one of the nation’s largest Fortune 100 retailers. This vast experience and expertise is brought to bear in the design and recommendation of customized solutions for all our retail clients, large or small.     

Apartment and Condominium Communities "The High Cost Of Perception"

  Apartment buildings and Condominium communities are a unique challenge for property management, in that they both have residents living in close proximity to one another and have higher volumes of non-resident traffic patterns. This increased volume of traffic can lead to increased risk of trespassing, drug activity, loitering, noise violations, domestic violence, and other disturbances, which detract from your property's image, and leads to unfavorable news stories and community perception. Our guards can assist with creating a safe and secure environment, which promotes and encourages occupancy while deterring crime and ensuring the safety of property management, guests,  and residents.   

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Armed Guards, K-9 units, Armed Patrols

If you require a higher level of security, personal protection, or armed alarm response; Our sister company is ready to meet your needs. If you have special requirements in the area of drug and/or bomb detection. IPS K-9 units are ready to respond.

Rural Areas

WBSI & Sister company are available in Remote and Rural areas throughout the southwest.

Urban Areas

WBSI and/or IPS are actively working in many of southwest's largest urban areas.  Give us a call to see if we are already in your neighborhood.

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Our Professional Staff Is Ready To Tailor A Security Solution To Meet Your Needs, While Protecting Your Assets, Guests, And Most Important, Your Reputation.

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